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Create a new life for old broken makeup!

Fix Your broken, messed up and almost in the trash makeup products. This is an ongoing issue for me, so I thought I would talk to you guys about salvaging your favorite coveted makeup products. So lets start with the basics.




Aluminum foil

Eye shadow, blush and powders

Depending on the severity of the crack. If the crack is straight across or broken in any way that allows the product to remain flat in the pan, you are in luck we can bring it back to life! Tools 91% Isopropyl Alcohol spray bottle Directions Pour a small amount on where ever you see a crack and mend together by tapping on it directly. This includes any smaller cracks. You will only need very little alcohol. Store in a cool dry place. Near a window is a great place. If your powder is crumbled and all over the place. You will need a different technique. Try emptying it out onto a piece aluminum foil. Smash the powder while enclosed open and carefully pour directly into the jar. You can now use with a whichever brush you like with your favorite makeup powder. They have been making mineral powder like this forever!



Sample Jar or Small container

My lipstick broke, oh no! No worries. Take your lipstick out of the tube, using your spatula. Scrape the residual into a sample jar. Wipe the edge of the container with a paper towel, so that it is not messy. Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds, if it has not completely melted go for another 30 seconds. Allow to cool. You can use your finger to apply or lip brush if you prefer. Lipstick saved!! There you have it. These are the cosmetics I break the most. If you have a makeup piece you keep breaking, I would love to hear about it and find a solution. Whatever you do, don’t throw it out! It may be worth salvaging.

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